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  1. Happy New Year 2016

    Posted January 5 2016

    2015 was a year in which so many lost their lives unnecessarily - whether through war, sickness, terror or displacement.  We were confronted with the realisation that all of us, whether refugee, ebola victim or ordinary Parisien, simply want to go about our lives in safety and in good health.

  2. Setting up coaching for success - find the right coach for you

    Posted December 2 2014

    So often in life, the pattern for what follows is set almost before you’ve even noticed you’ve begun. So too with coaching, whether coaching and individual or a team. There are opportunities, and pitfalls at the very start of every coaching assignment, and how all parties respond has a huge impact on the way the rest of the work will pan out.

    Today, in the first of a series on setting up coaching for success, I’m going to look at the first step in setting up one to one coaching so that it achieves all that you, and your organisation, hope for.

  3. ​Coaching: professional relationships

    Posted December 2 2014

    I’ve been looking a lot at relationships recently. I do this every day of course in my work, but I was recently on a training course called Professional Relationship Coaching, run by Sandra Wilson for Coaching Development, which was all about how to specifically use coaching to support a relationship between two people, in a business setting.

  4. Prioritising Prioritisation!

    Posted October 22 2014

    It’s a topic that crops up in coaching all the time: how to cut through the sheer volume of activity, identify the priorities, and do what matters, without getting drawn into things that aren’t key, or that don’t support the strategy. In short, how to stay on track.