1. Coaches


Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Theodore Roosevelt

The people behind the name

Launched in 2000, Talent Dynamics has worked with and coached some of the most influential people in national and international organisations and businesses, including those on the FTSE100.

As a network of executive coaches, we’ve all had our own successful senior level careers working for blue chip commercial organisations. We’ve stood in your shoes and faced similar challenges to those you’re confronted with and want to overcome. We’re seasoned coaches with one goal in mind - to provide you with a professional, effective, time-efficient coaching experience, that will assist you and your organisation on the road to success.

Our accreditations

We are all accredited as Master Certified Coach (MCC), the top level of accreditation from the ICF (International Coach Federation), and were among the first coaches in the UK to be awarded this recognition.  We continue to stay at the forefront of the profession developing innovative ways of working with our clients.

We’re also seriously committed to the development of the next generation of professional coaches and a number of us are accredited by the ICF as coach supervisors.

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