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Hold on tight to that back to school feeling!

Posted October 21 2014

Over recent years I've noticed that September and October has increasingly become a time when people re-group and re-focus after the summer. I certainly see this in clients and client organisations. But as the clocks go back and the weather changes, it's too easy to forget about the good intentions we set in late summer and fall back into old habits. At Talent Dynamics, we want to help you to hold on tight to that excited and organised, back to school feeling.

At Talent Dynamics we've been doing this too, and the result is now here on the form of the new website. We're really delighted with what I hope you'll find is a more succinct, easier to navigate site, which includes updated case studies and testimonials. Take a look at what people have recently said about us here.

You may like me, be feeling that October has arrived and almost disappeared rather sooner than planned. That’s why I’ve dedicated the first blog on the new site on the subject of prioritisation – something that clients regularly bring up in coaching, in an ever busier world. You can read it here.

Talking of prioritisation, I will be writing a blog a couple of times a month going forward – my own personal prioritisation challenge! So come back and look at future blogs too. We’re also going to be working on getting our name and offer out to even more people and organisations as we embark on our 15th year in business, so keep an eye out for us in the press or on Twitter @ _talentdynamics