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Field Marketing Organisation


Sheena: This business has a high volume of managers working remotely ‘in the field’ with clients. The managing director wanted to develop these senior staff members, while also improving the already high quality of customer service the business offered.

He wanted to create a programme that would ensure that key aspects of the company’s service were done both consistently and brilliantly amongst the remote teams.


Sheena: Group Coaching was clearly the most suitable service for this client. The remote teams are the ‘face’ of the business, yet are not required, or able to work in an integrated way day to day.

We created a one-day Group Coaching intervention covering three key areas around self, others, and leadership. The programme was rolled across roughly 100 managers over a three month period. Attendees were in mixed teams, so they attended along with people they did not usually work with, and in many cases had not met before.


Sheena: The Group Coaching provided new opportunities for sharing and learning, as well as forming new relationships.The data gathered following the event showed that almost all participants rated all aspects of the program as either productive, or very productive, and there were numerous examples of the work being put into practice immediately.

Client: "Thank you for the journey on all of the days you spent with the teams and myself. From what we’ve seen, the work has really hit home, and is starting to live in the business."