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Global Functional Leadership Team


Sheena: We were working with a leader of an international team, which spanned the US and UK. During his own One to One Coaching he discussed the fact that there was a lot of tension in relationships within his team, and that there had been a great deal of change in the business setting within which the team operated. These challenges were getting in the way of doing business, and affecting the reputation of the team - things needed to change.


Sheena: We explored the different Talent Dynamic services and decided that Team Dynamic Coaching would be the most suitable for the team's requirements. We started by interviewing each team member, which was key to understanding the real issues, and building trust with the team.

We designed an event, and worked with the team over a couple of days, bringing the real issues out onto the table, and enabling the necessary conversations to take place.


Sheena: Prior to the meeting, it was evident that there were a lot of tensions between team members, and this tension was in some cases unspoken, but in others, very visible. It was great then, to see the team honestly bringing these tensions out into the open, working them through, and ending up energized, positive and prepared to name and move on from what had been, and learn to talk about the huge positivity they now felt. The team’s closing remark was that they had moved further in the time with us than any of them had imagined possible.

Client: “I wanted to personally thank you for taking us so effectively through the journey. It was more impactful and less painful than I imagined and that speaks volumes for your style and engagement. I have been to many events like this, and you are by a long way the best of your genre that I have ever met. Some unsolicited feedback was that “this feels more open, interactive and engaging than previously”…I was sceptical that the changes would be so noticeable so quickly, but clearly they were.”