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Sheena: We were asked to work with the leadership team of a flagship IT project. The team had a global reach and had been in significant difficulty, it was under scrutiny by the organisation's senior leaders and a new project leader had been brought in to turn the program around. 

Our goal was to support the building of a new leadership team dynamic, which would be critical to the success of the programme.

The team, drawn from the UK and the US had to successfully intergrate the business and IT communities and move on from past negative legacies.


Sheena: Having worked with the client previously, they requested Team Dynamic Coaching. We gathered input from the team, used this to guide us in preparing an event that would achieve the results required, and then worked with the team over a 36 hour period. The work was highly interactive with a strong focus on practical outcomes that could be put into practice as soon as we had left.


Sheena: The team partnered really effectively with us, working through the things they needed to address, and creating tangible, practical results that they would put into practice on the afternoon of day two after we had left them. They particularly loved that we supported them to build a way of working, let them try it, helped them to make it their own, and then left them to immediately use it, with very positive results.

Client: "I want to say how much I enjoyed the offsite meeting – it has really improved how we all interact and the process we created has been cited by everyone as one of their favourite take aways."