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Global Head of Function


Sheena: The client contacted me for coaching after they’d been asked to move to a Head Office role, which meant leaving their current position in the manufacturing arm of the business in a regional office. The promotion meant relocating their family or a long commute. Either way there were professional and personal issues that they needed to address.

Client: "Prior to working with Sheena I was somewhat circumspect in my views regarding coaching as a career and development tool."


Sheena: I chose One to One Coaching as the most suitable service for this client. They were in a position of great authority and had to be sure that the promotion was right for them and their family. It was crucial they figured out whether they were dedicated to the new Head Office role before making any changes in their personal life.

Client: "She helped me to form a clear and rounded view on the direction of my career, and how I could improve my performance as I made career changes and transitioned into a new role."


Sheena: After working together for the first few sessions over a couple of months, my client got clear that they were fully committed to the new role of Global Head of Function. They declined moving their family to London as their teenage children were studying for exams. Instead, they chose to commute weekly. Through One to One Coaching they were able to step back and focus on what was right for everyone involved in this decision.

Client: "Sheena totally changed my views on coaching as a career development tool. She puts immense preparation and thought into coaching sessions. While sessions are relaxed and friendly, you are still aware of her underlying focus on moving things forward. Because of the coaching I was able to identify and tackle some very searching and fundamental questions about my career development, which I wouldn’t have been able to tackle without Sheena’s help."