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Team Dynamic Coaching

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

A business exists only when individuals combine their talents to achieve the shared business goal. Success depends on the quality of relationships, and the ability of each individual to perform at their best in conjunction with a diverse collection of others.

Talent Dynamics pioneered Team Dynamic Coaching some fifteen years ago, long before coaching teams had become the buzz word it is today. We have worked with hundreds of senior teams, across dozens of organisations, touching thousands of people. So you can rely on our experience as some of the most extensive in the industry, and our levels of repeat business speak for themselves.

When we coach the dynamic of a team, we see and understand what is going on within and between the individuals in your business. We then work with that using our extensive coaching expertise and drawing on our experience as leaders in business ourselves.

The result? New teams get to full potential quickly, existing teams operate at full effectiveness, and reduced time is spent on politics and unproductive working.

Purpose and results

The purpose of Team Dynamic Coaching is to rapidly create outstanding team performance in pursuit of a common business goal. Teams going through this process become powerful beyond their initial imaginings, and truly drive your business forward.

The specific results will vary from group to group depending on the aspiration and business need.

New teams embarking on this work bypass months of trial and error in forming relationships and effective ways of working. Instead, they hit the ground running and start to deliver results without the usual 'settling in' period.

In established teams, difficult relationships are resolved and frequently turned into bonds based on respect and understanding.

Because our goal in all of our work is to create self-sufficiency in our clients, teams learn from the techniques we deploy in coaching their team dynamic, and take practical techniques away which they use for years afterwards to maintain the effectiveness of the group.

How it works

Team Dynamic Coaching enables key teams to perform at the top of their game, whether an existing team, a Board, or a collection of individuals who have a related purpose or role.

We always begin by hearing from the individuals in the group, one on one, and confidentially. This allows us to:

  • Appreciate how it is for each individual, right now, to be part of this group or team thereby building a picture of what will really make the difference. 
  • Ensure our work therefore responds to the true needs rather than being a 'standard' approach that may or may not be right for this group at this time.
  • Start to build trust and form a relationship - through our expertise as coaches, we build rapport in a way that allows people to put the real issues on the table, and so the real work gets done.

We feed back the themes from these meetings to the sponsor, (and later to the team as a whole), preserving confidentiality of course. Having agreed the key themes to focus on, and clarified the outcomes required, we then plan the event.

We also follow up with you afterwards, offering the benefit of our observations to support the next stage of your development as a team.

What sets this approach apart?

Every piece of Team Dynamic Coaching is individually tailored to the needs of your business, and to this group of people, at this time, in their current situation. The agenda is yours, not ours.

This is what we mean when we say that we coach the team dynamic. Coaching means having the flexibility to work "in the moment", with what is real and current, taking the lead from your client whilst holding their desired outcome clearly for them. The expertise which makes this possible is that of the seasoned executive coach, not the content knowledge of a trainer.

The result is an intensive development experience for the individuals, and for the group.

Our clients tell us that our work gets right to the heart of a group's unique human dynamic in a way that they have never experienced before, whilst respecting and integrating the individuals involved. Groups gain clarity on how they currently operate, on their strengths and their challenges, and on how they can transform their effectiveness going forward.

The effect on business results is frequently dramatic.